Who are we?

We are a team (Competence Network) of practical and results-oriented consultants, experienced for more than 30 years in coaching, consulting, training and entrepreneurship. We are open, curious and motivated to understand the specifics of new and changing contexts. We are dedicated to support your company and people to find solutions and new answers for the challenges and tasks they are faced with.

Our expertise is to design and support processes of talent, leadership and organizational development.

Mostly we work with managers on two levels:

1. Reflect leader´s approach and behaviour in order to up-skill leader´s repertoire to manage current and future challenges

2. To enable managers to coach and multiply to their employees, colleagues and supervisors.

And: To involve all relevant stakeholders as co-designers is central in our work. Thereby we ensure a high level of commitment, fulfilment and joy in the delivery of excellence.

Birgit Kuelpp, 52 years old, married, 4 children

(Focusing on human resources and organizational development; universities of Cologne and Munich)

 Since 1990, entrepreneur and successful in design and management of human resources and organizational development measures     (focus on executive coaching, potential analysis / development, strategy and team development processes, personality development  and human resources qualifications; Coach the Coach, Supervision and Certification (focus on personnel selection and potential  analysis) ).

Educated in Systemic Coaching and Consulting (Munich). Process-oriented Coach-the Coach education and training in humanistic psychology (Salzburg), team and personal development (Esalen, USA), Supervision (Boston University, USA). Personality and leadership assessment and testing certification (including Reflector Big Five Personality, Reiss Profile).

Working Languages: German, English

Others (for example publications):
Book: “Das erfolgreiche Einstellungs-Interview” (The successful hiring interview), 2012, Gabler; Various articles and TV features

“On the basis of 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and coach, I see myself as a sparring partner for managers. Committed to a strength and potential based approach I am dedicated to assist in processes to clarifying visions, strategies and objectives and design successful roadmaps for both, sustainable leadership brand/agenda (what do I stand for as a manager?) and change processes in the scope of their assignments and roles. Measurable, economically relevant and sustainable results are always on top of the coaching agenda.”

Andreas Kuelpp, 52 years old, married, 4 children

(Focusing on human resources and organizational development; University of Mainz)

Since 1995 entrepreneur and since 1992 Conception, delivery and management of human resources and organizational development measures (focus on executive coaching, supervision, strategy and team development workshops, monitoring and implementation of change projects / processes, leadership program, human resources development, personality development, coach-the-coach & process facilitator program).

Educated in systemic organizational consulting (Piran / Munich). Process-oriented coach training in methods of humanistic psychology (Augsburg). Coach-the-coach (competitive sports, Mainz). Education as family attendant – outpatient children’s hospice work (Memmingen). Training in systemic consulting (St. Gallen / Munich). Training in group dynamics, supervision and individual coaching (St. Gallen / Munich). Leadership assessment and certification test procedures (including Reflector Big Five Personality, Reiss Profile).

Working Languages: German, English

“Looking at opportunities, I support managers in the successful achievement of targets and roadmaps, concerning their management agenda, challenges and change steps. Strengths and potential are clear and differentiated addressed and lead to targeted developments and results. As a psychologist and entrepreneur, I stand for liability and authentic behaviour. Driven by the desire to accomplish, and fun in working with people I am looking for added value for managers, based on mutual respect. “

Our co-operation partners: 

We work in an international network of executive coaches and consultants, with whom we co-operate to fulfill specific customer, project and competence requirements.