Process-driven Coaching/Useful Year

Personal development, overcoming old “impeller” and change of “patterns” takes time. Time to become more aware of oneself and to clarify own goals and assess priorities, potentials for conflict, and their consequences. Sometimes it takes time to be able to make certain experiences more than once or even get up when you fall, to incorporate and stabilize desired (or needed) changes sustainable. The process-oriented coaching in a solid group (6-8 participants), provides the framework to invest in personal development with continuity. The four seminar modules are process-oriented and build on each other:

1. Seminar section:

  • Positioning: Where do I stand in relation to me/others?
  • What are my key issues and objectives?
  • Feedback processes (how do others perceive me regarding my key issues?) and clarification of self and other perception discrepancies
  • Intensification of own body perception
  • Life-style and self-responsibility
  • Initialize a coaching process
  • Objectives and action plan for the “Useful Year”

2. Seminar section:

  • Psychosomatics
  • Resilience, stress management and work-life-balance
  • Constructive dealing with stress and conflict
  • Working on (self) limitations and early learned patterns

3. Seminar section:

  • Relationship
  • Being male/female
  • Group/team
  • Dynamics organization/family systems

4. Seminar section:

  • Dealing with change
  • Intensive feedback processes
  • Clarification in the group
  • Farewell and a new Beginning

By working on weekends (4 x 3 days max. 4 vacation days) have the opportunity to continuously provide impetus for all professional/temporal load your personal development. Since the training workshops are scheduled on weekends (4 x 3 days, i.e. max. 4 vacation days) you can combine high professional engagement in your job with continuous stimuli for your professional and personal development. The 4 training modules are process-oriented and build on each other.

Target group: 

Open for those who have already participated in the Initiative IMPULSE workshop and want to pursue their personal development via continuous targeted stimulus in a solid group.

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3 days each (Starting Friday 15.00 h, till Sunday 15.00 h)


2.200,00 € excl. VAT (incl. accommodation and meals)