Individual Consulting

Life challenges us over and over to review our behaviour, habits and patterns and check for their “suitability” and “likelihood of success”. In the context of partnership, family, friendships and work our underlying beliefs and patterns how to cope with central life themes determine the dynamics and quality of how we interact. Self-awareness and reflection helps us to broaden our scope and enlarge the repertoire how to act/react in various situations adequate to the context (versus out of a pattern to repeat old dynamics or confirm unproductive beliefs). Coaching is understood by us as an individual qualification program for increase in the personal quality of life and more self-responsible lifestyle.

Unlike other training activities, life coaching ensures optimal coordination to individual needs while ensuring the continuity of a goal-oriented process, including openness, time to initiate desired changes, implement and control them. The coaching activities are not confined to individual training measures, but also include, if necessary, a program of personal development, with regular training pulses.

Our coaching is a holistic approach taking into account the personal and professional overall situation and includes the following stages: Preliminary, clarifying targets and needs, potential assessment/inventory, analysing underlying belief patterns and possible obstacles, reflecting alternative solutions/catalyst for change, support/training, ensuring transfer and evaluation.

Benefits (among others): 

Differentiated recognition of personal talents, strengths and areas for de-velopment; potential development (problem-solving, methodical, social and personal competence); recognition and use of existing resources (personal, working relationship, family); improvement in differentiated perception, in response and resolve conflicts, clarity, strength, and motivation for upcoming tasks and objectives; confrontation with its own consistency, discipline, clarity and ability to learn; increase of performance and target achievement.

Target group: 

Coaching is beneficial for anyone who wants to work on his or her personal development and is motivated to change themselves, to find more balance and clarity to handle demanding tasks and responsibilities as well as achieving more satisfaction and fulfilment in private and/or professional life.

Possible topics / goals (individual agreement): 

  • Personal skills and motivational profile 
  • Identify target promoting or inhibiting patterns of perception and behaviors
  • Address and implement conflict resolution and goal-oriented life planning
  • Deepen clarity about yourself and central issues of development
  • Target-performance analysis and derivation of actions for the implementation of agreed targets and outcome control
  • Recognize strengthening patterns of behaviour in relationships and resolve harmful patterns
  • Constructive dealing with anxiety, aggression, stress and personal “Hot Buttons”
  • Dealing with proximity and distance (differentiation) in relationships
  • Feedback processes (including 360° feedback) for better self-image and external image verification
  • Motivation factors/impeller/team roles
  • Training/practice aids for the achievement of goals and results
  • Active stress response and recovery options (Work-Life-Balance)
Life Coaching