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The Impulse seminar focus on accelerating personal development and offers time to reflect about what was, what is and what you want to be: Where am I currently in my life? What satisfies me? What are my objectives, wishes and desires, what do I need and what keeps me from getting it to come alive and to realize? How consistent is my work-life balance?

The motivation to change our professional and/or personal actions may have various sources: it can be initiated by powerful ideas, emotions and inspirations and sometimes we are shaken up in our views by potential conflicts or crises, activating us to initiate, continue or accelerate an already begun growth process. In some cases it may be the acknowledgement of having achieved a lot; but realizing at the same time the price of having neglected a lot along the way – especially in relation to self and others (partner / in, family, friends, …) .

The IMPULSE workshops, based on the three pillars personality, potential and perspectivesoffer an appropriate framework to develop more self-confidence, new perspectives and solutions for relevant professional and personal topics.

During the Impulse workshop you will reflect on your personality and central themes of your life (What are my conscious and unconscious “beliefs,” my “blind spots”, and influences of the past?) to connect in a true and close manner to yourself. In order to leverage your full potential and personal repertoire to act in a successful and authentic way with yourself and others it is critical to detect and process main topics of your life in their influence on current thinking, feelings and acting.

To gain access to one’s own potential focusses on identifying hidden strengths, talents and preferences. This will help us to address and approach the right topics for sustainable development. In order to (re) gain the drive and courage, to open up and try out new things, it is important for us to combine both, to provide attentiveness (dealing with sensitivities) and challenge (leveraging the curiosity and desire, to make something out of our lives) – in a meaningful way.

Self-reflection is not an end in itself for us. The focus is to gain clarity on goals and to implement sustainable changes regarding personal and professional development. Therefore, all IMPULSE workshops begin with questioning the personal and professional vision and the integration and balance of both, resulting in specific objectives, a realistic and implementableble action plan leading to an appropriate work-life balance.

The didactical and methodological framework is based on the interaction of physical, emotional and mental power. The exercises vary from physical exercises, such as breathing and bioenergetics exercises to systemic work, coaching and psychodrama. The mixture of group work, one-to-ones (amongst participants and with coaches) and individual work will offer times for inspiration, increased awareness, new experiences, reflection and discussion.

The Coaching Center Gumppenberg provides a perfect setting to contemplate and focus on oneself, protected against everyday stimuli, sensory overload and distraction. Within a small group (6 -. up to a maximum of 10 participants), you will be supported by 2 professional coaches in finding, refurbishing and formulating your own personal and professional topics, goals and visions.

The IMPULSE workshop offers you the chance to understand possible gaps of how your life is and how you want it to be, to “reload your batteries” and to increase your happiness and quality of life. Overall you gain clarity and strength to achieve your personal goals.

Overview of possible IMPULSE workshops: 


2. Useful Weekend

3. Process-driven Coaching/Useful Year

4. Relational IMPULSE

5. Individual Coaching

6. Training Facilitator & Coach 

In order to realize a vision


Process-driven Coaching/Useful Year

Training Facilitator & Coach