Useful Weekend

The Useful Weekend is an advanced workshop, based on your experiences, insights, including what you implemented after the IMPULSE workshop (or Useful Year) and what not. The focus of the Useful Weekends is to have an intensive time for reflection and contemplation: To honour and analyse development successes as well as looking at “laps of honour” worthy. In the hustle and bustle of daily operating, time for yourself and reflection of goals, issues, desires, disappointments and expectations often remain on the track. Lessons learned and insights “sand” in the hectic life in spite of all positive resolutions and action plans.

The Useful Weekend offers the opportunity to separate from the daily routine and work and to make meaningful time for ourselves. Depending on the participants, the topics for the Useful Weekend are put together: Whether this is confronting work with both, the strong, radiant as well as with the the preventive, sabotaging personality (“the hero’s journey”), if this is the intensive study of change successes and ” laps of honour ‘in the context of visualization work, or systemic work with family structures for clarifying and organizing personal topics, will be decided in each group, accord-ingly to the needs and expectations of the participants.


  • Recognize dynamics of successes and “laps of honour” of personal changes/developments
  • Target promoting or inhibiting behavioural and perceptual patterns
  • Ability to address and implement conflict resolution and goal-oriented life planning 
  • Deepen clarity about yourself and central issues of development 
  • Improve your body awareness and diagnostics
  • Differentiated perception of strengths and development potential for oneself and others
  • Develop goals and coaching processes for oneself and for others
  • Obtain clarity, strength and motivation for upcoming tasks and stages of development
  • Take result-oriented measures for the implementation of your professional and personal goals

Target group: 

Open to all who have already participated in the Initiative IMPULSE workshop or other self-experience training/personal development measures


  • Review: What did implement since last personal development measure – what not?
  • What supported/hindered in the process of achievement of targets?
  • Ability to address and implement conflict resolution and goal-oriented life planning 
  • Deepen clarity about oneself and central issues of development
  • Feedback processes (How do others perceive me regarding my central issues?) and clarification of – self-and others perception discrepancies
  • Perception and expression work for better body awareness
  • Systemic family structure formation, installation or other forms of personal goal setting (e.g. vision formation, decision preparation, …)
  • Initiate result-oriented measures for the implementation of professional and personal goals


On request!


3 days (Starting Friday 15.00 h, till Sunday 15.00 h)


450,00 € excl. VAT (incl. accommodation and meals)