The Impulse-workshop offers an effective introduction to challenge one´s personal development, potentials and prospects that are processed in four intensive days of self-experience. The setting offers sufficient time and space to clarify personal objectives, expectations and process issues (including collegial consultation with participants/coaches in the group/one-to-ones). In a trusted atmosphere (max. 1 manager/ employee per company) you have the chance to develop alternatives for your professional and personal challenges to further develop your personality. Through a variety of methods you obtain various suggestions, inspirations and ideas for designing your very own work-life-balance (vision of life and profession) away from standard programs and solutions.


  • Strengthening of self-awareness and confidence in the sense of to be self-aware (again) and be (again) more in contact with your roots, your life story and intuition
  • Identify values and goals clearly, assess their consequences and substantiate their priority and implementation and represent accordingly to the outside
  • Engage constructively with conflicting roles (professional, personal)
  • Preparation and review of your own work-life-balance in combination with personal values and success needs
  • Better assess and develop your own potential in terms of key skills (outcome and target orientation, ability to change, motivation, leadership, communication and relationship skills)
  • Improve coping with stress: Enable intense physical and mental regeneration
  • Recognize and change their patterns/impeller better and faster
  • Promoting its own sovereignty, charisma and expression
  • Obtain clarity, strength and motivation for upcoming tasks and stages of development
  • Initiate result-oriented measures for the implementation of your professional and personal goals

Target group: 

Open (max. 6-8 participants)

Content (based on intensive self-discovery processes dealing with central themes of your personal history):

  • What are the key imprints (personal life history) – as they take conscious/unconscious influence on my professional and private situation, my thoughts, feelings and actions?
  • Who am I? What is special about me? What can I do? What is difficult for me? What are my most important values and goals? What needs to be brought into balance (more again)?
  • What were/are important relationships in my life?
  • Better understand and positively shape dynamics in relationships and groups
  • Relationship and network management: What are my promoting/inhibiting factors in contact with others? How can I avoid destructive relationship patterns and make my relations with partners ful-filling?
  • How do I cope with central topics, like decision-making, success, recognition, acceptance, sorrow, frustration, enjoyment, self-confidence and self-awareness, being a man/being a woman,
  • Constructive dealing with stress and conflict
  • Feedback processes (How do others perceive me regarding my key issues?) and clarification of self-perception and perception of others
  • Assessment of potentials, strengths, areas for development (for myself and others)
  • Develop and design of personal challenges to overcome, express and develop yourself
  • Personal winning tactics, consistency and discipline
  • Life Styling: Contract work, long-term coaching process and ensuring implementation of the most important objectives for the next 2 -5 years


On request!


4 days (Starting Wednesday 14.30 h, till Saturday 15.00 h)


1.500,00 € ecl. VAT (incl. accommodation and meals)