Relational Impulse

A weekend for couples who are (want to stay or want to be) in a long-term relationship.

The Relational Impulse weekend for couples offers the opportunity to confront as a couple amongst couples (within 4-5 couples) with the challenge of a vibrant partnership. Working on the two central pillars of a fulfilling relationship is in focus:

1. Shared vision: Do we have a mutual idea of the future, in which our love finds its expression?

2. Quality of daily interactions: How much time and energy do we invest daily in our relationship to make the vision a living reality. What brought us together? What holds us together? What stands between us? What do we value on one another? What do we need to talk through or clarify? How do we communicate? How much understanding/misunderstanding do we produce? How do we clarify conflicts? How do we show our love / appreciation? How do we live our manhood/femaleness? The week-end offers you the opportunity to reflect on these and a few more issues – to work out, to clarify issues and to find quality time for your relationship. Furthermore body awareness exercises, sensory experiences, aggression rituals, feedback processes, clarification calls (each couple 3x) and constructive confrontations provide a thoughtful and honest approach. The weekend provides you a framework to clarify the dynamics of expectations, fears and disappointments in your partnership. You are also encouraged to use crises as opportunities and to approach each other in a more constructive way. On the basis of more understanding, trust and openness you are guided to initiate development steps for more felt quality and closeness in yours partnership.


Intense self-discovery processes to support to:

  • Clearly perceive and express their own needs, desires and expectations
  • Get a deeper understanding and greater openness to the other’s needs,
  • Reveal expectations, disappointments and injury so open that common growth is possible
  • Develop a more constructive communication and conflict behaviour to develop
  • Improve ability to perceive and relate
  • Identify and strengthen constructive relationship patterns
  • Understand destructive patterns to relate and to find alternatives
  • Make the interaction with each other active, appreciative, mindful and loving
  • Recognize patterns in relating to each other in their origins and change in its dynamics,
  • Gain a new sense of closeness and trust
  • Develop a constructive approach to vulnerabilities, aggression and conflict learning
  • Discover and develop more intimacy and pleasure in the partnership

Target Group: 

Couples of all ages, who have the curiosity and desire to invest in the relationship to go joint growth steps and enrich the relationship – as well as couples who want to cope conflicts (e.g. involvement in love triangles, or consideration of a separation).

Relational Impulse – contents: 

  • Define, express and share goals and wishes for a fulfilling relationship
  • Different Languages of Love and “Translation Processes”
  • My ideas of manhood and womanhood, and the different roles within our relationship
  • Clarifying discussions and communication behaviour (each couple x 3)
  • Feedback processes in the group, among women, among men, as others perceive me/us?
  • Recognize strengthening patterns of relationship and unlearn/resolve harmful patterns of relating to each other
  • Constructive dealing with anxiety, aggression, stress and injury
  • Dealing with proximity and distance in the relationship
  • Phases and elements of constructive conflict resolution
  • Vision of work and life styling: Contract work and ensuring implementation for the everyday relationship
  • Optional: Systemic Structural Family Constellations


On request!


3 days (Starting Friday 15.00 h, till Sunday 15.00 h)


per couple 800,00 € excl. VAT (incl. accommodation and meals)