Training Process Facilitator & Coach

The idea – background

The implementation of professional and effective change processes for employees, teams and organizational units require both, firstly, a professional assistance and secondly a professional structure:

The professional support ensures that success factors and qualities are used more strongly, personal resources and potentials for development will be covered on faster, overcome and developed. In addition, it helps to find clarity, strength, and the drive to solute for the next steps.

The professional structure for the process aims to conduct status-target-analysis in a systematically way and with a holistic view (taking into account the levels of organization, team and individual, in-cluding the dimensions of “motivation” and “capabilities”). Furthermore it helps to become more conscious about the impact of actions and to understand and handle emotional and systemic causes. Finally, it is also important to give concrete visions and goals and assess their priority, their conflict potential impact and possible consequences of implementation (for all involved parties and stakeholders). The training of process facilitators/coaches offers clear implementation guidelines to supports the development of individuals, teams and organizations in a professional and goal-oriented manner.

This qualification program addresses professionals, motivated to build further their professional development and competencies to coach individual employees, managers, teams and organizations in their development and support them to master challenges and learning steps.

The focus of this 15 months education program is on the methodological training, enriched by continuous stimulus for personal development.

The HOW – Methods

Via the setting of:

  • A solid group (8-10 participants),
  • 6 training sections (total 18 days),
  • 2 individual coaching days and
  • The opportunities for internship/assistant in the corporate or pulse-context

We offer both, the opportunity and challenge to invest in a process-oriented, organized way in one´s professional and personal training, qualification and development.

The six training modules are process-oriented and build on each other.

Methods (amongst others): 

  • Systemic questioning techniques and high level communication skills
  • Transactional analysis
  • Video analysis
  • Group dynamics
  • Systemic constellations
  • Psychodrama and gestalt
  • Theme-Centred Interaction (TCI)
  • Status-target-analysis
  • Questionnaire and test procedures (including Reflector Big 5 Personality, Belbin Team Roles, impeller and body type tests, …)
  • Meditation and stress management work out exercises
  • Business Theatre
  • Challenge exercises

Other ways to enhance professionalism and up-skilling within the training are:

Individual coaching days: 

In addition to the 6 training modules, the individual coaching sessions with the instructor ensure an optimal adaptation to your individual needs and desires. At the same time the continuity in the results-oriented monitoring process, ensures sufficient time to deepen and implement initiated and desired personal changes, design of options and performance control. The coaching appointments can be used according to personal need for supervision, workshop design, deepening the training content, self-marketing or similar qualification themes.

Conduction and evaluation of a complete change process:

Within the training, each participant has the task of carrying out a complete change or coaching process, documented in form of a thesis. This includes the different phases of the target clarification, conception, design, implementation, transfer and evaluation. Topics can be chosen individually (e.g., team development, individual coaching, strategy workshop, change process, etc.).


Within the training you will have the opportunity to assist and partner companies or open trainings (s. Impulse-Workshop) with Külpp & Partner. In the corporate sector, we offer to assist/partner in ex-ecutives workshops, change management, team development and conflict training. Overall, we agree here with you on what assistance is reasonable and feasible based on your personal objectives and requirements.

Chances – Overview

The contents of the training sections are aligned to a professional process facilitation and contain the following blocks:

1. Training set: potential assessment, diagnosis and clarification of orders

  • Personal strengths and development potential of the process facilitator/coaches (ethical) self-understanding, personal branding, values and roles
  • Projection and pattern
  • Definition of process support and coaching to other forms of counselling (self-experience, therapy)
  • Results-oriented target/project clarification
  • Diagnostic methods/tools and applications
  • Initiating a coaching process within the training group
  • Objective and action plan for training

2. Training set: Concept and design

  • Process planning and design (methodological structure: tension curve, steering of participant activity)
  • Design of individual coaching and team workshops
  • Design of individual events and change processes
  • Learning styles and curves
  • Basics of processes of change in people and groups
  • Types of participants and effective ways of dealing with them
  • Resistance to change and learning processes and dealing constructively with it

3. Training set: Implementation 

  • Conduct individual coaching, team development elements, conflict mediation, strategy and change processes workshops
  • Process control from the initial situation to the final workshop
  • Targeted use of methods and interventions in the process support
  • Constructive handling of conflicts
  • Expand and deepen personal/professional “tool box”

4. Training set: Crisis intervention

  • Diagnostic ability of crises and conflicts among individuals and groups
  • Possible crises and conflicts within coaching process and accompaniments
  • Possibilities and limits of intervention within the process support
  • Expand and deepen repertoire/interventions for dealing with crises and conflicts effectively

5. Training set: Competencies and skills 

  • Personal Coach and process facilitation styles
  • Staff development systems and skills development
  • Perception and assessment in process monitoring, including personal tendencies and bias
  • Personal strengths and development potential of the process facilitator and coaches (leadership, the ability to change, facilitation, goal and results orientation, conflict manage-ment, …)
  • Career paths and qualification

6. Training set: Transfer, performance/results evaluation and acquisition 

  • Action plan and target results cycle
  • Monitoring of process accompaniments and coaching
  • Measures to ensure transfer and secure sustainable results
  • Self-marketing and acquisition strategies
  • Basic business knowledge/concepts (eg business plan, calculation of business contribution)

Dates – Training 2025/2026:

1. Module: 11.09. – 13.09.2025

2. Module: 08.01. – 10.01.2026

3. Module: 19.03. – 21.03.2026

4. Module: 11.06. – 13.06.2026                            

5. Module: 17.09. – 19.09.2026

6. Module: 10.12. – 12.12.2026


3 days each (Starting Thursday 15.00 till Saturday 15.00 h)


5.500,00 € excl. VAT. (incl. accomodation one-bed-room and meals at Gut Sedlbrunn, Pöttmes)