Leadership & Support Programme

The step to develop systematically selected employees (trainees) or managers, is a crucial on the way to a long-term and professional personnel development within the company and retain key performers to the organization (a key performer costs the company in average 250.000 € if he leaves the company). In addition, strategic initiatives of your organizationcan be incorporated into the programs and implementation will be accelerated via engagement of the key performer/high potentials. It supports the broader acceptance of strategic initiatives and helps to involve/engage people on all hierarchy levels. Furthermore it encourages intensive networking within the group on two levels and strengthens their roles as multiplier.

Benefits (among others):

Clarity, transparency and decision support with respect to leadership-/project manager and experts potentials and career opportunities (what is “best placements”/”best development” for both, employee and company?) Employer Branding/improved internal efficiency through investment in staff and senior management positions from within the company; methodological and personal professionalism (extension of individual methodological, social and personal competence); Differentiated potential statement about the individual employee (strengths, development opportunities); clarity on implementation paths of development potential within the professional and personal development (“career paths” ) Longer-term retention of high performer/potentials to the company, intensive networking to better understand the organization and of different areas, building and usage of multipliers for the implementation of strategic initiatives.

Target group: 

High potential employees (management trainees), multipliers, key performer with defined/proven potential

Possible topics/goals:

  • Change and strategy, management and leadership, potential analysis, conflict management, project management, facilitation, presentation, communication, teamwork, work-life-balance and self-steering/-management, personnel selection, coaching
  • Development and implementation of a specific project (profitability, value added, …)
  • Coaching and mentor support
  • Mentoring concept
  • Budget responsibility (seminar days, travel days, project days) – dealing with budgets/resources
  • Feedback processes (personal interviews with managers, colleagues, employees and individuals, possibly 360° feedback)
  • Potential, competence and motivational profiles (Reflector Big 5 Personality, Reiss-Motiv-Profile)
  • Transfer tasks, action plans

All topics are aligned to currencies, relevancies and specifics of the company: Projects and actual concrete situations, the organization is challenged by. The participants deepen their ability to analyse and structure the process of designing and implementing targeted measures for improvement.

By the course of the development program (duration 9-15 months) evidence will be given, about who turns out to be merely a “potential owner”, and who is exploring and developing actively his/her potential (“potential user”). The participants realize from a personal perspective as how their group will become a team and how projects are run effectively (as planned and carried out), and so have deepened awareness for developing and managing teams and projects. At the end of the program, participants receive an evaluating statement for their personal career planning (recommending to favour future roles to 1st manage employees or executives/organizations; 2nd project and 3rd expert).

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