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The competitive landscape of the new millennium in the era of an increasingly networked information technology requires flexible organizations / organizational forms (line, matrix, project, processes, …), which face up to the central competition and success factors and develop and optimize these in their organization. Key factors for success and competitiveness in the global economy include:

  • Internationalization with implementable concepts of presence, distribution of power and responsibilities and supervision
  • Capability to change quickly
  • Innovation and excellence in transformation for products, processes, people, concepts and visions
  • Knowledge management and best practices combined with new forms of communication
  • Aligned processes with clarified responsibilities (as far as possible and useful )
  • Willingness and ability to cooperate in real, virtual and intercultural teams
  • Selection, development and retention of value-adding employees and managers (human capital) by targeted support/development and professional leadership

Are your key performer (employees and managers) prepared and qualified to cope with the current and upcoming challenges?

Leadership as a new management concept includes the ability to discover new opportunities(market, employees, …), leverage ambition and motivation, to “solve the unsolved”, to communicate inspiring visions and to be courageous to make clear decisions (especially the unpleasant ones). Entrepreneurial action orientation (including openness to make mistakes, to learn from them and continue to go ahead) is as much considered in this concept as a clear, appreciative and relentless approach to give feedback and solute conflicts. Leadership as a corporate and cultural branding has gained increased importance and become a key selection criterion for talents and high performer.

Developing leadership is about developing leader´s personalities. Applying taught management behaviour (i.e. inform, delegate control, develop standards, enforce, comply) is not sufficient anymore, due to the increased workload and changing needs of employees and stakeholders. The nature and rising amount of conflicts (including target and value issues ) require leaders, ready and capable to cope with and solute for the benefit of individuals and business success.

As a consequence of this the self-awareness (am I conscious about my personality, strengths, areas of development and do I realize how my behaviour impacts others?), self-confidence (do I trust in my capabilities, decisions and intuition?), coherence and resilience (am I balanced and stable to cope with conflicts and stress?) are central topics to deal with, when supporting leaders in their personal and professional development.

What are the focus topics and challenges for the future “leader”? Future leaders are faced to cope with a bundle of challenging requirements in the coming years.

1. The ability to use visions to strengthen motivation, performance and achievements.

2. The willingness and ability to invest 20% of their time for leadership and employee development.

3. To draw attention and awareness to the discovery, development and utilization of employees potentials and team synergies, as well as to identify areas of conflict and its constructive solution.

4. To recognize the urge to multiply knowledge and success and empower employees according to their possibilities (enable and increase their motivation through targeted feedback processes by 30%).

5. The courage, to influence top-managers and decision-takers to commit to what needs to be done.

6. The consequence to promote employees who agree to take action.

7. The curiosity and initiative to seek challenges and to drive continuous improvement.

8. The clarity to lead virtual and intercultural teams (manage on distance).

We support you to accelerate the development of your leaders/multipliers through workshops/coaching and training to meet current and future demands.

The workshops are designed to prevent “show running” and “hiding power games” amongst colleagues, but reinforce ambition and motivation to work for entrepreneurial goals, and the willingness to engage in their own personal development as well as the development of their staff. Key will be clarity, consistency, discipline and authentic role modelling to lead your employees with respect to relevant, value adding results and personal satisfaction.

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