Individual Coaching

Leaders must compete in changing and turbulent markets with constantly changing tasks and roles. Coaching has become established alongside workshops and seminars as a new short-form of efficient and successful qualifications and professionalism of managers. Coaching is understood by us as individual skills development measure to increase entrepreneur, management and leadership ability (developing and communicating strategy, designing effective organization and steering, achievement of set targets, through empowering people and creating a high performance culture within their teams…). For this we use case or topic-related reflection, supervision and consulting concepts that reinforce the coaching methodology yet.

Unlike other training activities, coaching ensures optimal customizing to individual needswhile ensuring the continuity of a results-based process, which supports openness, time and control ability to initiate targeted personal and strategic change/target achievement and effective implementation. The coaching actions are not confined to individual training measures but include if necessary, a program of personal development, with regular training pulses.

Our coaching is a holistic counselling concept of systemic consideration of the interfaces to the overall organization and includes the following stages: preliminary talk, clarifying objectives, needs and expected outcomes, potential assessment/ leadership inventory, strategy clarification and status analysis/initiating & accelerating change, monitoring/supervision/ “mid-term” goal attainment control/results and transfer control.

Benefits (among others): 

Differentiated assessment of strengths and development potential (based on the key skills within the company); potential development (problem-solving capabilities, leaders-/ management-, methodological, social and personal skills); identification and smart usage of existing resources (personal, companies), show failures and ways to prevent; improvement in perception, in response and resolution of conflicts; analysis and profes-sionalization of planning, management and control activities; update and result-oriented use of management tools, clarity, strength, and motivation for upcoming tasks and goals; confrontation with consistency, discipline, clarity, ability to learn and increase in performance.

Target group: 

Managers who have to deal with challenging situations/new/enlarged leadership responsibilities and changing organization and require support or want to develop their professional leadership skills further.

Possible topics/goals (individual agreement): 

  • Target-performance analysis and derivation of actions for the implementation of agreed targets and outcome control
  • Supervision and reflection on their own ideas and solution procedures
  • Differentiated management and leadership potential assessment
  • Effective management of change processes
  • The first 100 days in the new managerial responsibility (“onboarding coaching”)
  • Personal competency-/motiv-Profile and personal “pattern and buttons”
  • Perception of conflicts, understanding of dynamics within conflicts and conflict resolution skills
  • Recruiting/personnel selection
  • Feedback processes (including 360° feedback) for better self-image external image verification
  • Motivation factors/impeller/team analysis/team roles
  • Training/practice aids for the achievement of results (including leading upwards, dealing with change processes and resistors; dealing with interfaces; effective employee reviews and conflict resolution, customer presentations)
  • Support and supervision (“Live coaching”) in change meetings, employee reviews, customer presentations, recruitment interviews, project meetings, etc.
  • Work-Life Balance (clarity of purpose/personal vision, values, priorities and integration of different areas of life) and self-management/active stress response and recovery
Coaching is an utmost individual program